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Please download and keep the description of Emerging Technology Program in AI as a reference.


Scholarship will be based on merit or performance on the training courses.


Apply before the 16th week for training tuition and extension of UI. Fund Contact Info.

Serving Northern Silicon Valley/Santa Clara County businesses and residents including: Cupertino, Los Altos, Milpitas, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale.
Add: 505 W. Olive Ave. Suite 550 Sunnyvale CA 94086
Phone: 408.730.7232
Serving Silicon Valley businesses and residents including: Campbell, Gilroy, Los Altos Hills, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, Morgan Hill, San Jose, Saratoga, and all unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County.
Add: 1601 Foxworthy Avenue San Jose, CA 95118
Phone: 408.794.123
E-mail: svwib@sanjoseca.gov or www.work2future.biz

California Science and Technology University (CSTU) is an academic institution of higher learning that is committed to providing a quality education to individuals whose goals include the development of rational, systematic, and critical thinking while striving to succeed in their chosen profession. CSTU believes that through acquisition of knowledge presented in each of its educational programs students shall learn how to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information and learn to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that may be applied in a career environment.

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Interested applicants may contact CSTU by visiting the institution’s main website or by phone. In response to an inquiry from a prospective student, an information package is normally sent to the individual.

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Campus Life

The following paragraphs detail the standards of conduct that California Science and Technology University expects all of its members, students, staff, and faculty alike.

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Questions and Answers
  • What are AI and Data Science about?

    AI and Data Science are basically using a model to build a connection between the input data and output data.

  • Why the AI and Data Science are going to help my work?

    All the applications have input data and output data. No matter what you do, you need to use these data to make the best decision based on your knowledge and experience. AI and Data Science technology will help you to make a better decision as computers can leverage on more data than human can handle.

  • Who should learn the AI and Data Science technologies?

    All the high-tech jobs require people to make decisions, thus, anyone who would involve in high-tech related works should learn AI and Data Science. For example, AI and Data Science can be applied to hardware design, business analysis, software design, testing, etc. The job types could be: testing engineer, data analysist, data processing engineer, software engineer, hardware engineer, program manager, project manager, marketing manager, security analyst, data scientist, and so on.

  • Will the senior professionals find a job after learning AI and Data Science?

    AI and Data Science related jobs are very broad. In fact, the people who have the domain knowledge are in a better position to understand the AI and Data Science as they can tell if the data model makes sense. Therefore, senior professionals will have an advantage in looking for a job in the field they are familiar with if they have the AI and Data Science technique.

  • The machine learning, deep learning classes seem to be unrelated to my work, how to relate the AI and Data Science technologies to my job?

    The AI and Data Science classes teach the common technique, which can be applied to all the fields. As you are the expert in your field already, you come to learn some new technique, instead of the something you already knew. Our capstone class will give you the chance to apply the technique you learned to your field under the guidance of the instructors.

  • Hiring an Instructor for Teaching Tensorflow and Deep Learning

    Position Requirements: Has the practical experience with Tensorflow at work, and has MS degree in Computer Science or related major.

  • Adjunct Professor for Business Analytics

    Position Requirements: Required Qualifications Master of Business Administration or a specialized Master's degree. The applicant should have significant work experience in Quantitative Methods or Statistics, working for a company and have done the business analysis work on job.


California Scienceand Technology University (CSTU) is an academic institution of post graduate learning that is located in Milpitas, and committed to provide a quality education to individuals whose goals include the development of rational, systematic, andcritical thinking while striving to succeed in their chosen profession. CSTU was founded in 2011 and has been approved for operation by the BPPE of California.

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